Porsche Boxster is answer your manouver challenge

Posted on 05 January 2013 by can7pitu

Porsche Boxster is a coupe sports car produced by the German car manufacturer company. Porsche Boxster for the global market first launched in 1996. The car is assembled in Stuttgart, Germany. Car with very good handling Porsche Boxster can reach 7500 RPM. Although it is difficult to top speed 300 km / h, but comfortable handling can make you win a lot of twists in the race. For the umpteenth time, the latest generation Porsche Boxster sports car.

Porsche Boxster significant changes of the body, the interior of the machine. Boxster roof open it now produces a silhouette that claimed far more elegant and supported by a more sporty appearance.

The car is claimed to be more fuel efficient by up to 15 percent, because it is lighter. Weight loss occurs in the chassis and the use of lightweight aluminum body. However, such changes do not occur in the second car wheelbase to improve driving impressions and passengers.

Porsche Boxster now weighs 1340 kg. Powered by the latest Porsche Boxster 2700 cc boxer that drives the rear wheels. Smart machines that can catapult power 265 hp at 6700 rpm (up from 255 hp at 6400 RPM versions) and capable of spitting out 280 Nm of torque at 4500-6500 RPM.

Another element that is new is the braking system, suspension until the tires to get better traction. This change made ​​the acclaimed Boxster more agile when maneuvering. Welcoming the new technology carmaker Porsche.

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